Create a model to help the organization conduct workforce planning.

It is beneficial to have a strategy or model in mind before getting into workforce planning. Create a model to help the organization conduct workforce planning. Expose at least one area in the plan that might be challenging to actually implement. Discuss how you will manage that particular part of your plan.
Construct three short case examples that illustrate how the organization’s talent philosophy drives the organization’s staffing strategy.
Your organization is being sued for failure to hire. Explain the possible complications in this situation and create a plan to help the organization to succeed in winning this case.
Develop a complete plan for effectively conducting a job analysis (JA). Justify each step in terms of its value in performing the JA. As you explain the value of each step, illustrate that point with a brief example.
The organization wants to improve the number of high-quality candidates who decide to accept a job offer. One consideration is using the Realistic Job Preview (RJP) approach with each candidate as encouragement to join the company. Design a practical implementation plan for using the RJP in the company. Assess how the RJP will improve offer acceptance.
praise three evaluative assessment methods used in external recruiting in terms of the extent that each makes a contribution to the selection process. Assess the strengths and liabilities of each.
Compare and contrast three different socialization methods. Establish your own measurement of the value of each one. Then recommend the one method that meets your criteria and explain how that method should be implemented with a new employee.
It is apparent that an employee should be fired. The manager wants to fire the low-performing employee immediately. Set up a meeting with this manager and discuss the best methods for firing an employee. Explain the steps that you recommend to the manager and the potential risks that go with discharging an employee.
Analyze three causes of voluntary turnover. What are the core reasons of each one? What can be done by the organization to correct these key issues and to reduce turnover?

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