create a company (Gym) based on the guidelines given below

Your assignment is to create a company (Gym) based on the guidelines given below. You must address each of the topics listed. You will submit your paper to me through Blackboard. All papers must be typed, double spaced, neatly done, and include any necessary tables, charts, etc. to illustrate points. Papers should be between 5-7 pages. Next, you will summarize your paper in a PowerPoint presentation that you will upload to the appropriate Blackboard Discussion Board.
Your organization will have a mission to be:
the best in your particular area
ethically and socially responsible
a ‘green’, sustainable, environmentally friendly company
an excellent place to work for your employees.
Your strategic distinctive competence will be based on exceptional customer service and providing a high quality service.
In designing your organization, you must discuss the following areas in your paper. Please use each of the following topic areas (A. through G.) as headings for your paper. You may also add sub-heads if you need them).
Also please use those same headings – each as a separate slide, in your PowerPoint presentation.
A. Organization Structure and Design
You will create an organizational chart for your company. Along with the chart, you will explain your organization design, the hierarchy, chain of command, decision making centralization, lines of communication, and job design. You will describe at least three key jobs in the company.
The External Environment
Describe who your competition might be, and:
How you will be better
Planning and Decision Making

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