Country Analysis: Research Proposal

The unit I Course Project
Country Analysis: Research Proposal
Utilizing CSU Online Library, select and research any U.S. business. Then, go to to research and select a country for international expansion of business operations.
Prepare a Word document of the general background information regarding the country selected (e.g., location, size, and brief timeline of the main historical events and relevant exchange rate arrangements of the country, with more emphasis on recent events).
In a minimum of 500 words, be sure to include the following:
historical timeline of the country’s background, developments, and significant events;
Size; and
other descriptive event information.
The submission should include all sources (minimum of 4) used, including the textbook, must be referenced, paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.
Please note: This assignment (Country Analysis) will continue throughout the term.
Unit II Course Project
Country Analysis: Essay
Using the business and country selected in Unit I, prepare a Word document of the political structure and economic environment, including important political events that may lead to success or high risk due to business expansion to that region.
In a minimum of 500 words, be sure to include the following:

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