Construction of a new plant: Architect’s fees $ 4,000 Cash paid for land and run-down building…

Construction of a new plant:
Architect's fees $ 4,000
Cash paid for land and run-down building thereon 120,000
Removal of old building 18,000
Salvage from sale of old building parts (4,000)
Survey to site the new building 800
Legal fees for title search 1,400
Excavation for construction for basement 15,200
Machinery purchased 61,000
Storage charges on machinery because the building was 
not ready when machinery was delivered 500
Freight on machinery purchased 1,200
Hauling charges to deliver machinery from storage to new building 300
New building constructed 600,000
Installation of machinery 2,300


a) Prepare a schedule showing the amounts to be recorded as Land, Buildings, and Machinery and Equipment. 

b) Prepare the journal entry to record the above.



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