consider the extent to which your review (and analysis) of academic knowledge helps you provide answers to your question.

Your conclusions will be well considered and well thought through.
•    •? You will need to consider the extent to which your review (and analysis) of academic knowledge helps you provide answers to your question.
•    •? You should include references to the literature where appropriate, to support conclusions.

Section B: (word limit: 2,000 words)
1. Usefulness, potential Implications and Impact (up to 1,000 words)
•    •? Following the Section A; you will evaluate the usefulness of what you have found/concluded to the „business world? (e.g.

industry/organisations/businesses/employees/policy makers).
•    •? You stated in your Initial proposal why you thought this area was worth exploring. Now you can discuss the extent to which what you have actually discovered

may be useful. You can link back to the Initial Proposal to some of the points you made (and the conventional wisdom on the topic).
•    •? You should consider: what are the implications of my work? How might the knowledge I have uncovered/concluded with, have an impact?
•    •? Include references (using Harvard APA) to support your statements.
•    In the business world, what does it mean to them?
2. Research Recommendations (up to 400 words)
•    •? In this section you will recommend what researchers could do (i.e. future research topics/methods/research design) to address any knowledge gaps you

identified, and explore issues further.
•    •? Reference (using Harvard APA) areas of research you think could be developed.
3. Reflection (up to 600 words)
•?Finally, you will comment on what you have learnt from doing this project; what skills you feel you have developed; how the project has affected your employability.

The Business Research Project 2014-15. :
The Critical Review will gather momentum as you read more and think more about what you are reading. As you understand more and more, you will probably start to think

about the question (and sub questions) in a different light, and may realise there are perspectives/ways of thinking about the topic you did not expect.
You have to stay within your discipline – business/management/strategy/marketing/HRM related journals – would be appropriate for the BRP. Try to review literature

within the domain of Business. If you find yourself reading academic papers from biology, archaeology, astrology or physics based journals – you have gone off track!
Your conclusions:
Your conclusions will contain limitations and will not be “the” definitive and final answers to the questions you explore – but they will be well reasoned and the

result of thorough analysis of academic research literature. Your opinions, statements, assertions and arguments will be the result of careful consideration and

analysis of the evidence in the sources (as much as possible they will not be based on common sense or taken for granted assumptions) and your conclusions will be well


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