Comprehensive Global Analysis Outline

Comprehensive Global Analysis Outline

Purpose of Assignment 

Starting a new, international business venture requires creativity, planning, financing and marketing among the key ingredients for a successful undertaking. Additionally, the different risk analyses that are obligatory of a start-up are equally important for a flourishing company. By putting all of these success factors in motion, the student should have all of the information considered necessary for a winning venture.

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Suggested but not required:Abbott, Riley J. (2015). PESTEL Analysis for Students. London, UK: Science and Management Press of London.

Search the Internet for vendors who sell this book or inquire about it with a local library.

Select a product and a country for a global business venture.  ITALY You select the PRODUCT

Conduct a regional, country risk, and organization and product or service analyses of your new global venture. 

Prepare a minimum 1,050-word analysis to address the following: INTRODUCTION & CONCLUSION REQUIRED! NO PLAGIARISM!!!!

·         Region Analysis

o    Regional alliances and economic integration

o    Physical environment and its effect on trade

o    Political stability

o    Economic conditions

o    Finance options available

o    Social, health, and environmental conditions

o    Terrorism threats

·         Country Risk Analysis

o    Political and legal stability

o    Economic conditions

o    Finance options available

o    Physical environment and distribution channels

o    Social, health, and environmental conditions

o    Cultural and ethical considerations

·         Organization and Product or Service Analysis

o    Description of your organization

o    Legal structure of organization

o    Market  analysis

o    Description of product to meet the need                   

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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