Collaboration: Building Effective Teams with Technology You have just been given an assignment to pu

Collaboration: Building Effective Teams with Technology
You have just been given an assignment to put together a plan for a collaborative team Review Table 21
in Chapter 2 and use it as a guideline to develop your team You will want to avoid or minimize the risk of
dysfunctional aspects while focusing on the team maintenance roles and the task oriented roles What
techniques and technology will you use to help the team? The Collaborating on Communication Efforts
section in Chapter 2 may help you generate ideas Your essay should be 150 to 200 words and formatted
according to APA style guidelines
TABLE 21 Team Roles—Functional and Dysfunctional
Dysfunctional: Self-Oriented Roles
Controlling: Dominating others by exhibiting superiority or authority
Withdrawing: Retiring from the team either by becoming silent or by refusing to deal with a particular
aspect of the team’s work
Attention seeking: Calling attention to oneself and demanding recognition from others
Diverting: Focusing the team’s discussion on topics of interest to the individual rather than on those
relevant to the task Functional: Team-Maintenance Roles
Encouraging: Drawing out other members by showing verbal and nonverbal support, praise, or
Harmonizing: Reconciling differences among team members through mediation or by using humor to
relieve tension
Compromising: Offering to yield on a point in the interest of reaching a mutually acceptable decision Functional: Task-Oriented Roles
Initiating: Getting the team started on a line of inquiry
Information giving or seeking: Offering (or seeking) information relevant to questions facing the team
Coordinating: Showing relationships among ideas, clarifying issues, summarizing what the team has
Procedure setting: Suggesting decision-making procedures that will move the team toward a goal

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