Checklist for Submission of Current Resume PERSONAL DATA: Is the pertinent personal data â?? name, e

Checklist for Submission of Current

DATA: Is the pertinent personal data – name, e-mail address, mailing address
and personal phone number correct and current?

Is education placed in the appropriate position on the resume; near the top if
you have little or no education related work experience, or after your
experience if you are established in your field and the practical experience
outweighs the education? Is your highest
attained level of education first?
you considered including specific courses that support your candidacy? Have you
included your cumulative GPA and graduation date, even if it is projected into
the future? Is the title of your degree complete and correct?

EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE:Is work history stated in reverse
chronological order, with the most recent employment first? Does each
description of work history start with details of your most senior position?
Have you displayed progression from less senior positions to current position? Have
you avoided listing irrelevant responsibilities or job titles? Are
contributions, achievements and problems solved emphasized?
Are you attempting to quantify and qualify your work
Do work experience descriptions use active words
reflecting your achievements? Is information parallel; are all dates stated in
the same format (spelled out whenever possible), are all former employers and
position titles stated in a consistent format, etc.?
OTHER: Have you included any volunteer or community
service activities that can lend strength to your candidacy? Have you provided
a specific skills section that allows the employer to easily see what you can
contribute to the company?
Have you avoided including a personal section and have
you left out lists of references and only included mention of the availability
of references, if space permits? Are the spelling, punctuation, and grammar

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