East west ethics

Anthropologists have defined culture as a body of learned belief, values, traditions, and guides for behavior sharing among members of a group. This idea of culture has been particularly useful for understanding and differentiating among work organizations and the behavior of people in them (Trevino & Nelson, 2014).

Focus your discussion on the following:

  • What are the cultural frameworks for defining business ethics within organizations?
  • How should organizations undertake a cultural change? What cultural systems should be implemented? Which should not be implemented?
  • Are ethics entirely learned, or is it in part inherited and therefore genetic?

Using Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) from Bloom’s Taxonomy, respond to the prompts

APA fornat. 300 words

 Name:Unit title:Date:Instructor’s name:  https://www.helpguide.org/articles/healthy-eating/eating-well-as-you-age.htm Eating well is paramount especially for people who are aging. A balance diet


Unit title:


Instructor’s name:


 Eating well is paramount especially for people who are aging. A balance diet with high nutrition value helps the aged to improve their mental acuteness, energy level and they immune system to resist illness. A healthy diet can also be the key to a positive outlook and being emotional balanced.  Improving one’s diet can help the aged to prolong their life as well as become stronger.  A balanced and good nutrition boosts immunity, fights illness-causing toxins, keeps weight in check, and reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and life style diseases such as high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, bone loss, and cancer (“Eating Well As You Age: Nutrition And Diet Tips For Healthy Eating As You Age”).

Eating of fruits leafy veggies, and fish and nuts packed with omega-3 fatty acids can improve focus and decrease their risk of Alzheimer’s disease and also sharpens one’s mind. Memory enhancement and mental alertness is also boosted by the consumption of Antioxidant-rich green tea by the aged. Energy is also acquired by eating of wholesome meals which boosts not only the mood but also the energy (“Eating Well As You Age: Nutrition And Diet Tips For Healthy Eating As You Age”).

 In creation of a healthy diet, it must consist of fruits, veggies, calcium, grains especially those with high fiber which are wholesome not fully processed. Additionally, healthy fats and proteins are also paramount. Important vitamins and minerals include water, vitamin B, and vitamin D. in feeding of the aged; one should cut down the sugar levels in the foods and also replace refined carbs with complex carbs. Also they should avoid sodas and sweetened coffee drinks.

 However, there are various factors that affect the diet of an aged person which are grouped as lifestyle factors which includes loneliness and depression, death of a close relative or divorce, and also living in a limited budget. The aged also experience difficult in chewing which can be improved by drinking smoothies made with fresh fruit, yogurt, and protein powder, eating of teamed veggies and soft food such as couscous, rice, and yogurt (“Eating Well As You Age: Nutrition And Diet Tips For Healthy Eating As You Age”).

Questions to be asked during the interview

 Eating and dietary habits

, taste changes,

Eating schedule,

Dietary problems and nutritional concerns

Food intolerances

Any swallowing or chewing problem

 Living alone etc. that influences their dietary habit


Me: how has been your feeding habit considering your age?

Elderly person:  I have had poor feeding habit as I only want to eat soft food which most of them are processed which is not good for my health but that all what I want.

Me: are there changes in taste of food?

Elderly person: definitely yes. I have lost by taste buds and I cannot tell if food have salt or not. Also in terms of sweetness everything I take tastes watery.

Me: what are your eating schedules?

Elderly person: I rarely eat most of the time you will find me taking smoothies which I think are my main meal. I only eat when my children visit me and they have to force me on the same since I have swallowing problem.

Me:  do you have any food intolerance problems?

Elderly person: yes. I cannot consume anything that is acidic including verges and fruits. Also I have high intolerance to anything that has gluten.

Me: has living alone have an effect on your feeding habits?

Elderly person: yes most of the time am depressed and lonely and I feel like sleeping only and I end up drinking smoothies only.

Me: is your taking of smoothies also influenced by swallowing problems?

Elderly person: yes I have problems in swallowing of food as well as chewing as I get tired easily and hence smoothies does it for me.


“Eating Well As You Age: Nutrition And Diet Tips For Healthy Eating As You Age”. Helpguide.Org, 2017, https://www.helpguide.org/articles/healthy-eating/eating-well-as-you-age.htm.

Roots of Ethics

 Think about your professional life and the ethics and values that guide your (and your organization’s) behavior and decision-making processes. Discuss the following in your assignment:

  • What value is knowledge about the genesis and history of current-day business ethics?
  • In other words, in the arena of ethics, does history matter?
  • Should it matter to organizations as much, and in the same way, as to individuals?
  • Why study the history of ethics and ethical thought?
  • What does this historical context have to do with the present?
  • How does knowledge of the past help people better understand and prepare for future ethical decisions that will challenge them?

Graded on:

  • That you grasp the overall concept 
  • That you are able to apply that knowledge in a thoughtful and meaningful way
  • That your arguments are coherent and defensible

500 word minimum ESSAYm(APA FORMAT)

for a reference polease refer to: Travino & Nelson (2014). Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk about How to Do It Right. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing.

Assignment 1: Applications of the Scientific Method

The scientific method is useful in problem solving and decision-making in a wide variety of fields. In this assignment, you will demonstrate how to use the scientific method to make decisions and solve problems in your field of study or everyday life.

Identify a specific problem often faced in your field of study or everyday life. Research your problem and assess your data / research. Examples of such problems could be:

  1. Business
    1. Developing a new product that is superior to competitor’s brands; or
    2. Establishing a price for a new product using the law of supply and demand;
  2. Information Systems and Technology
    1. The use of personal electronic devices for work purpose, or
    2. Determining in the most cost-effective computer for your business;
  3. Criminal Justice
    1. The reliability of eyewitness testimony, or
    2. Determining what evidence reveals to you about a crime;
  4. Everyday Life
    1. Selecting a particular brand of detergent, or
    2. Determining the most cost-efficient transportation / route for your commute.

Write a 1-3 page paper in which you:

  1. Explain the scientific method and describe the overall manner in which you would apply it in your field of study or everyday life.
  2. Propose one (1) testable hypothesis to explain / solve the problem you have selected. State the expected outcomes of your actions and include criteria for determining whether or not these actions would succeed. Note: Your hypothesis should be stated very precisely.
  3. Describe the main actions that you intend to put into place to test the hypothesis that you proposed in Question 2. Describe the way in which you would evaluate the success of your program. Include the results that you would deem as a success and the results that would be considered a failure.
  4. Discuss the wisdom behind the strategy you would use to test the hypothesis from Question 3, and describe the additional steps you might take, depending on the results of your test. Note: These additional steps might be to revise your original hypothesis (if the results were unsatisfactory) or to propose new hypotheses. The goal is to continuously improve your understanding of the factors influencing your outcomes, to be able to achieve greater results over time. 
  5. Use at least two (2) quality resources / references in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and personal blogs do not qualify as quality resources.

 100% Plagiarism Free!!!!The need for thinking and problem-solving skills dominates our lives. Individuals must analyze problems in the workplace, at school, as a parent, and in many other daily situ

 100% Plagiarism Free!!!!

The need for thinking and problem-solving skills dominates our lives. Individuals must analyze problems in the workplace, at school, as a parent, and in many other daily situations. You have an opportunity to practice your problem-solving skills through this assignment.

Assignment:  Select one problem from the following list or define your own problem. 

  1. Design a new textbook for a psychology class, science class, etc.
  2. Invent a new telephone.
  3. Design a new suitcase.
  4. Design new clothes for soldier/teacher/cook/student/ etc.
  5. Invent a new style for a video game.
  6. Create a short story.
  7. Design a new computer.
  8. Invent a new way to protect computers from viruses.
  9. Create a new type of credit card.
  10. Work on solving a problem of your own choosing – a problem that is related to your major field of study.

Remember that you don’t need to create anything physically. You may use images or just descriptions of your ideas. What is important for this assignment is your ability to generate ideas.

  • Number your ideas 1 through 21.
  • Generate 21 ideas about solving it, using the 21 Synectics steps linked here

Note: The 21 Synectics steps were developed by SynecticsWorld, inc.

Invention Labs & Workshops |  Synecticsworld. (n.d.).  Synecticsworld. Retrieved May 23, 2012, from http://synecticsworld.com/invention-labs-workshops/

Your completed assignment should be written primarily in first person.


For this assignment you will learn what makes each culture and subculture unique. Sociologists use the “components of culture” in order to identify cultures and subcultures. The components of culture are language, material objects, behaviors, and symbols. For this assignment, you will use existing resources to compare and contrast two different cultures or subcultures. Information about the components of culture and different cultures/subcultures can be found using the textbook, online materials, and the South University Online Library.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide for completing this paper:

  • Make certain you have read the chapter “Culture,” in Sociology in our Times.
  • Choose two separate cultures or subcultures to compare and contrast. Examples could be India and the United States or Gothics and Emos. Once you decide which cultures/subcultures you will research, use relevant keywords in your library search.
  • Compare and contrast these two cultures/subcultures, specifically analyzing the components of culture (language, material objects, behaviors, and symbols.)
  • Be sure to include an introduction with a thesis, conclusion that reviews all main points you present, and integration of your personal views on the topic.

Remember to use APA format for the essay style as well as in-text citations and when listing the references. Submit your 2–5-page essay (maximum 12 pt. font) .

In M1: Assignment 3, you selected a public health organization for which you will develop a performance improvement plan. In this assignment, you will examine the organization further.You will set tar

In M1: Assignment 3, you selected a public health organization for which you will develop a performance improvement plan. In this assignment, you will examine the organization further.

You will set targets, goals, and objectives for the organization you have selected.

Use the readings for the module to do the following:

Propose 3–5 specific outcomes for which your chosen public health institution should be held accountable.

Set targets, goals, and objectives associated with each outcome.

Develop applicable performance measures for monitoring progress toward meeting the targets, goals, and objectives.

Develop strategies for implementing the performance measures.

Ensure you support your positions by citing authoritative sources from your textbook and other research you have conducted so far in this course. Follow APA style in your paper and include a reference list.

Punishments for Arson Arson continues to plague the nation and is on the rise due to the current economic situation that the United States faces. With that said, it seems that in the judicial systems

Punishments for Arson

Arson continues to plague the nation and is on the rise due to the current economic situation that the United States faces. With that said, it seems that in the judicial systems across America, arsonists continue to receive lighter punishments for their crimes compared to robberies, assaults, and other offenses. In some countries, arson is an offense punishable by death.

Write a 4–5-page persuasive paper (excluding cover and reference pages) that responds to the following:

  • Describe the elements of arson and two other types of fires and compare and contrast each. Explain how you would develop investigative processes for each type of fire. Discuss how the investigative processes can eliminate accidental causes and support an intentionally set fire.
  • Apply critical thinking to construct a persuasive argument on whether judicial systems are or are not doing enough to punish those who commit arson.
  • Are the punishments for arson too harsh or not harsh enough on people who are convicted of arson?
  • Should arson be an automatic death penalty offense?
  • Use supporting data to reaffirm your stance on this issue. Be sure to cite at least two outside resources.


Usability of the EHR

Search the Web for information on the issue of usability and making the EHR more user friendly. Compose a response discussing some of the key issues clinicians have using today’s EHRs and the proposed means to overcome these issues? Define meaningful use and how it relates to today’s EHR.

Discussion responses should be on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the discussion by making frequent informed references to lesson material. Initial discussion responses should be around 100 words.

NOT PAPER!!! Just a question does not need to be in a paper format

Use the SWOT Analysis worksheet provided to complete this assignment.Review the SWOT Analysis PowerPoint® presentation prior to completing this assignment.Based on the review of the Stevens District

Use the SWOT Analysis worksheet provided to complete this assignment.

Review the SWOT Analysis PowerPoint® presentation prior to completing this assignment.

Based on the review of the Stevens District Hospital strategic planning scenario, conduct a SWOT analysis to generate a list of perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the hospital.

  • Strengths and weaknesses are traits internal to the hospital (i.e.,  strong physician loyalty to hospital, aging building, and availability  of financial resources).
  • Opportunities and threats are external to the hospital, such as a  mall facility available for lease or a competitor hospital opening two  physician practices in your market.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word  analysis that incorporates the key components of a SWOT analysis for  the scenario described in Week One to generate a list of perceived  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The analysis will  include the following:

  • Analyze the purpose of conducting the analysis in the context of the scenario.
  • Analyze the limitations and advantages of conducting a SWOT analysis on your own (vs. with a group of stakeholders).
  • Use the table provided to record your analysis of the information  from the strategic planning scenario and generate two factors for each  of the SWOT categories (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and  threats).

Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.