Case Study: Franchising in China

Case Study: Franchising in China

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this Assignment:

AB102-3: Identify various organizational retail structures.

For this unit’s Assignment, please read “Case 2: Franchising in China” on page 165 in Chapter 6 of your text. Then address the checklist items after doing some research regarding nonstore-based retailing opportunities in China.


State the pros and cons of a multinational retailer expanding into China via franchising.

State the pros and cons of Yum! Brands developing their own stores vs. franchising to sell to the market in China.

Should Yum! Brands modify their menu to fit Chinese tastes? If yes, how?

Should Yum Brands use a single or multichannel strategy in China? Why or why not?

Comment on Yum! Brands’ strategy of franchising their Chinese stores after they have been company owned for 1 year or have become profitable.

Submit your answers to the questions in a double-spaced, 2–3 page paper in APA format, to the “Unit 6 Assignment” Dropbox.

Access the Unit 6 Assignment rubric.

Access the Unit 6 Case

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