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C2 ?? × × ?fr fx -Validation !B =validation !B 6 Green Acre Getaway Gardens has expanded to twenty stores in Nebraska and Colorado. The owner, Taylor Duncan, is concerned with maintaining the health of plants and quality of service and gardening products sold at Green Acre Getaway Gardens. To monitor quality, the headquarters of Green Acre Getaway Gardens has installed information kiosks at each of the 20 stores to register comments, recommendations, and complaints. Customers are given a 20% off coupon if they answer a survey, make a comment, or register a complaint on the kiosk. The information is sorted and the number of complaints per 404 customers is tracked by the home office. This information is found on the ComplaintSample worksheet. See the Instructions page for further information. The Green Acre Getaway Gardens Peat Pot manufacturing facility has implemented a 6-sigma quality program and monitors the weight of Large Loper Peat Pots, which weigh approximately 16 ounces. Samples are taken once every 15 minutes over a period of 6 hours (resulting in 24 samples) For each sample, five large Green Acre Getaway Gardens Peat Pots are weighted, their weights recorded, and an average weight and weight range is calculated for the five pots. The worksheet PeatPotWeight contains the individual weights for each sample. See the Instructions worksheet for information on constructing the Xbar and R charts

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