Business Communication Essay

If you have any questions with requirments, please serch model essay or key terms in the internet, I believe it will be helpful. Blow are requirements:

Read the following questions. Write the answers to the questions, review your work, and submit your answers. Integrate the key concepts and key terms from this lesson into your answers.

The answer to each question should be approximately 6 to 10 sentences in length. You should write your responses in complete sentences free of spelling and grammatical errors. Please type your answers in a Word document and then paste your answers below each question in the space provided.

  1. Review the text box “Sample Meeting Agenda” on page 290 and “Making Meeting Agendas Useful” on page 291 of your textbook. Create an agenda to plan a business meeting with your classmates about the concepts covered in Lesson 7.
  2. Copy and paste your agenda from the lesson here. Then, explain what leadership style you would implement in your business meeting and why.
  3. Imagine you are writing a short email to another coworker regarding how to develop an effective agenda. Draft that email below. In your email, be sure to explain what it takes to write an effective agenda and all the parts that you should include. Make sure you provide examples for each section.
  4. Based on the lesson, the textbook, and the creation of your agenda discuss what you think are the two most important strategies for keeping a group focused on its goals. Give specific examples.
  5. One member of your group continues to pull the discussion off track, and he or she doesn’t seem to be able to focus on the topics the agenda covers. As the group leader, what strategies would you use to keep the meeting on schedule? Give specific examples and utilize terminology from the lesson.

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