BUS P&S week 4

After reading How to Write a Case Study (Wk. 1) and Knowledge Management in the Age of Cloud Computing you are now ready to apply this knowledge and begin working on your first case study.  Within your main textbook Contemporary Strategy Analysis you will find the Eastman Kodak Case Study (Case study #10 beginning on page 568).

For this case study analysis, your paper should include:

Title page Questions to address: Q1. What was Kodak’s digital imaging strategy during 1992-2012? Q2. Why did the strategy fail (be specific offering an in-depth analysis) Q3. Was there a better alternative? (be specific with the identification of specific strategies) Q4. It is summer 2012, what advice would you give to the Kodak board about Kodak’s next steps (once again, you must offer specific strategies – by name – and justification on why your proposed strategies are best)ConclusionReference pagePaper criteria:All work must meet the APA 6th edition standards.Estimated page length: 4-7 pages (not counting title or reference page)Paper must be submitted under the proper learning activity tab located in this weeks portal. Value:As you will notice, the point value of the case studies increase each week. It is therefore expected that you are integrating the suggestions/corrections made by your professor with each week’s writing assignments. Below is the link to the case https://www.researchgate.net/publication/302405910_Eastman_Kodak%27s_Quest_for_a_Digital_Future

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