Biogen(Managerial Accounting Project- Missing Parts

Biogen(Managerial Accounting Project- Missing Parts

b. Future predictions – Explain and be specific about management’s opinion of the future direction of the company.

c. Challenges – Describe three (3) challenges your company faces currently and/or in the future. What ratios or trends would you, as a manager, monitor to determine whether the challenges are being addressed? Why these ratios?

b. Search business periodical databases and find at least three (3) articles in business periodicals and/or newspapers that discuss your company, its competitor, or its industry. Based on your articles and related research, discuss what is happening in the news that may affect your company’s business, your competitor’s business, your industry’s business. How might stock prices or your business, your competitor, or your industry be effected? Describe the industry and/or competitor outlook, any major trends, and how these trends may affect your company.

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