Assessment Task Three Summary: Assessment task 3 Length: Rationale to be maximum of three A4 pages.. 1 answer below »

Assessment Task Three

Summary: Assessment task 3

Length: Rationale to be maximum of three A4 pages for this assignment i.e. one A4 side per task. Plus an overall introduction to the assignment of not more that one page (two A4 sides) that justifies your overall choice of the main resource, defines your target learner group and context and discusses how the tasks you have designed would fit into the ESL module/syllabus that you have in mind and extend your students' language skills.

Total weighting: 25%

In this task you will design a series of tasks/activities for use in your ELT classroom from one text/resource. A good ESL teacher is able to exploit materials in many different ways and for many different students. The aim of this task is to give you practice in doing this.

You will first need to find a good resource-this might be a newspaper article, a short story, a Youtube video or a picture. You then need to think about the different ways in which you could use this resource, for example; to teach a specific grammar point, to teach a functional skill, to teach something about the culture of the target language, to teach pronunciation or intontation, to provide revision practice etc. Be as creative as you can and aim to design 6 tasks/activities from your resource.

When submitting this assignment you will need to include not only the resource (or a link to the resource), a brief outline of the tasks you have designed, a brief rationale for each task stating what its aim is, how you would use the resource to meet this aim in the classroom, what level of student the task is designed for, how it might support other lessons/topics etc. Please keep this brief and if you prefer structure this as a mini lesson plan for each task i.e. do not write more than one page per task (i.e one side of A4).

Also provide a one page (one A4 side) introduction to this assignment which : Explains why you have chosen the resource. Defines your target learner group Refers to the principles of teaching ELT (e.g.speaking, listening, reading and writing) to explain overall why/how you have designed the tasks as you have, i.e. how they might be used in the ESl classroom and what relevance they could have to the language learner Use relevant ELT theory to support your claims. Use in-text citations and provide a short reference list to support this overall rationale.

Tips: Be sure to select a text/resource that is appropriate for an ESL class. Think about the principles for designing and running tasks and activities. Be creative and original and design your own tasks i.e. you may use ELT text books as an inspiration (or select a text from such a book as your resource) but do not copy the book's tasks/activities. The aim of this assignment is to show your own skills and to demonstrate your increasing knowledge of the English language, the ESL classroom and the needs of potential ESL learners.


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