Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative Research Paper

Fear-Based Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it more regressive or progressive that humans have come to fear less than they once did?
  2. Do humans depend on fear for survival?
  3. In which ways do societies depend on fear as a control mechanism?
  4. Is Carl Jung correct in his theory that death drives every human decision?

Get Out Research Paper Topics

  1. Using Joseph Campbell’s theory of the Hero’s Journey, argue whether Rod or Chris is the hero of the film. Does either interpretation come with it a sense of a new cinematic hero?
  2. When considering the film’s two endings, in which ways do the two differ in terms of the interpretations they offer?
  3. Using Get Out, what can you argue to be the dangers of living in a “post-racial” society?

The VVitch Research Paper Topics

  1. Using Dante’s representation of the different levels of Hell, map/argue which of the film’s characters to be the film’s central sinner.
  2. In which ways did the phenomenon of witches come to be? How did the witch devolve from Pagan traditions into the idea of a negative entity?
  3. Can modern notions of gender inequality be traced back to the emergence of witches as a societal scapegoat?
  4. Are any of the film’s characters justified in the ways in which they commit sin? Does the film have a central hero?
  5. Using Joseph Campbell’s theory of the hero’s Journey, argue whether or not Thomasin exists as a feminine hero within the film?

“A Good Man is Hard to Find” Research Paper Topics

  1. Does either the Grandmother or the Misfit change by the story’s end?
  2. Argue whether or not Flannery O’Connor condemns nature or nurture within the story.
  3. In which ways does the story condemn the futility of attempting to control nature?
  4. In which ways does “A Good Man is Hard to Find” fit the bill of a typical Southern Gothic story?

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