analysis essay on, ” The Monkey’s Fiddle”

This is an IB comparative analysis essay on, ” The Monkey’s Fiddle”, a South African folktale of indeterminate origin and an article, ” The secret power of music education ” by Anne Lierse from a Victorian Principal’s Association publication, Leadership in Focus, in September 2012, both of which examine the power of music. 
I need this to be similar to the example I have please, or else I won’t accept it. Also, please the introduction needs to be similar to the one in the example and quote from the text at all times as in the example. 
I would like you to write an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. I would like this essay to focus on the word choice to emphasize in both texts, repetition in both texts, and metaphors in both texts because in Text A ” The Monkey’s Fiddle ” the title isn’t a fiddle. Also, discuss how the power of music is uniquely displayed in each text. Please refer to examples from the text DO NOT refer to examples or quotes not from both texts. DO NOT use the internet and only quote from the texts to support your point. 
I have an example of how my teacher likes the essay to be and how I quoted from the texts and how I explained each quote clearly. Please do the following ! and also look at the criteria and check that you have everything ! 
IMPORTANT – Look at the example I uploaded in the files carefully to see the format and organisation of the essay and also to see what I mean by quote from the text as evidence and explain it and the word count is 1,100 -1,200 words. I want a paragraph about METAPHORS in both texts, a paragraph about WORD CHOICE and give examples please from the texts like quote words and talk about it, and also the REPETITION in both texts since it happened a lot like quote the words that were repeated more than once and talk about them. DO NOT include other paragraphs about other stuff please. It’s Simple introduction, three body paragraphs on what I just mentioned, and a conclusion

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