analyse and apply the law to the given problem, manage and communicate your evaluations appropriately and proffer advice/recommendations effectively

The written assignment 010 has two questions, each of which consists of a scenario concerning problems which have occurred in a workplace. You are required to analyse and apply the law to the given problem, manage and communicate your evaluations appropriately and proffer advice/recommendations effectively. Both scenarios must be attempted and each is worth 50% of the total mark. You are advised to split the 2,500 word count evenly between the two (i.e. approximately 1,250 words for each scenario)/

For each of the two scenarios: Mark Learning Outcome

1. Use and application of the relevant law to underpin the analysis, including Statute, case law and legal definitions. Have the specific issues been identified and defined and have suitable legal cases and legislation been incorporated as part of the discussions? 15% 2, 4
2. Analysis and matching of facts of scenario to the law and any relevant good practice guidelines, for example, the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance. Has an explanation of the issues identified been provided and are the arguments / discussions coherent and applied to the problem question? 20% 1, 2, 3, 4
3. Appropriate recommendations on action to be taken and measures for future prevention of problem. 5% 1, 2, 3
4. Detail of presentation, including accurate referencing of cases, Statutes and other sources, use of Harvard referencing, spelling and grammar. 5% 1, 3
5. Appropriate structure of report – demonstrating thorough consideration and arrangement of material whilst revealing a systematic approach to producing a coherent answer. This should include the provision of an introduction, an analysis broken down into relevant sections and, if necessary, sub-sections, a conclusion and a list of references and bibliography. 5% 1, 3, 4

You must use appropriate case law and legislation in order to support your answers.
Advice for students undertaking Assignment 010

The advice should be in report format, with clear headings, paragraphs, sub-sections and numbering where appropriate. The reports should as a minimum have at least the following sections:

a) Introduction: A very brief outline of the key issues, background/situation in scenario etc. You do not need to repeat the facts of the scenario.
b) Findings: An analysis of the legal position should be included, using legislation and case law to define the issues involved on both sides.
c) Conclusions: What the legal position is believed to be.
d) Recommendations: What the company needs to do, in both the short and long term.

Appropriate referencing, particularly of cases and law materials, is vital and good work will have a reference list (of cases and other sources) for all material used in the text, plus a bibliography of all materials which have been accessed and read even if not actually quoted in the text itself.

Word Count:
The word count should be entered on the cover sheet. The bibliography, reference lists and quotations longer than 50 words should not be included in the word count.

Pay attention to Learning Outcomes:
Students should consider to what extent they have demonstrated the learning outcomes in their answer, as this is a key criterion for a successful assessment result. All coursework assignments and other forms of assessment must be submitted by the published deadline.

Answer BOTH of the problem scenarios.

Background information

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