Amazon 1/ Balanced Scorecard Analysis (600-700 words): Explain and analyze Internal Process… 1 answer below »


1/ Balanced Scorecard Analysis (600-700 words):

Explain and analyze Internal Process Perspective: Summarize and explain the company’s internal operating processes and how they link to your company’s goal(s) to increase its success in the critical aspects of the business value chain: research and development, production methods, delivery distribution methods, and after-sales service. Explain actual business examples that assist the company in operating more effectively and efficiently to prevent waste in materials and labor and to implement better processes (standard or customized procedures).

2/ Conclusion: Overall Analysis of the Balanced Scorecard(400 words)

Explain and analyze if your company will be successful in implementing its Balanced Scorecard plan based upon one of the following market factors:

a. The customer market the company is trying to attract.

b. The availability of raw materials from suppliers.

c. The company’s main competitor’s strategy

d. Other competitors’ strategies in the same industry.

e. The available technology for their processes.

f. The availability of competent employees

g. Or another main specialized industry issue that affects the company’s ability to compete in the market for suppliers, employees, and customers.

General Information

Minimum Word Length Each partners’ essay is required to be a minimum of 1,000 words to receive full credit.

Citations for Resources: A minimum of one resource per partner is required (Other than the textbook). If a student uses a direct quote, it must be correctly identified or the duplication will be considered plagiarism. Direct quotations will not count toward your word count for the assignment. Also, charts, calculations, and/or statements will not count toward your word count. Students should use mla citation format for all sources in their essay. For assistance in using the correct citation format, go to or a similar website. Students must register and submit their partnership essay in a MS Word file at:

Presentation using Power Point (5 to 6 minutes for each team member):

Each partner will use a minimum of 4 to 6 slides to explain their balanced scorecard perspective.

Each partner will use the following resources: a. Use appropriate business magazines and business newspapers for business articles b. The company’s website for media information and other materials provided to better understand the company’s balanced scorecard perspectives. c. Each team member is required to have one (1) to three (3) resources other than the textbook for their essay. Students can use a business article or company website materials that explains actual business examples for the company’s Balanced Scorecard perspectives.

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