1. Report length: about 2000 – 3000 words

5. There are three separate parts : The case, the proposal and the ppt presentation slides.

Structure for the Case report:

o Title page

o Executive summary

o Table of contents

o General background of the organization

o #2 Description of the organization’s key knowledge areas

o #3 Description of the organization’s use of IT-based tools for managing knowledge

o #4 Description of the organization’s use of socialization-based tools (e.g., meetings, brainstorming) for managing knowledge

o #5 Description of the knowledge sharing climate within the organization, including:

o (a) incentives for knowledge sharing;

o (b) structural roles (e.g., Chief Knowledge Officer) related to KM

o Description of the changes that have occurred with respect to #2, #3, #4, and #5 over the last five years

o Conclusion (including recommendations and links to cases and/or chapters)

o Bibliography (you need to conduct research on KM related to this organisation fromat least 15 trustworthy sourcesincluding articles from academic journals, books, magazines and official websites)

The Proposal

ONE detailed proposal should be submitted. The proposal should be 3 to 4 pages long (single-spaced), excluding appendices (Figures, Tables, etc.). It should focus on improvement in knowledge management In this proposal, you should describe

o (a) the problems in the current KM, focusing on specific aspects (e.g., knowledge creation, sharing, and utilization of clearly identified areas of knowledge for disseminating information, improving decision making or generating insight/knowledge),

o (b) the proposed improvement (which should not be a laundry list of several minor changes, but a substantially different approach – think “process re-engineering”; and

o (c) the costs and benefits of the proposed changes to KM. In developing this proposal, you may borrow ideas from the book chapters or the cases discussed in class, but creativity (as long as not so wild as to be indefensible) will also be considered very important.

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