Advise Rebecca which human rights may been infringed. (Please note: the state Rebecca lives in is fictitious so there is no need to confine your answer to a particular regional human rights document, if at all, but you must give authority for the human rights you identify.) ?

Human Rights

Answer both parts of the question

Part 1 (40%) (Maximum 750 words)
Rebecca and her friends are animal rights’ activists and regularly demonstrate outside a laboratory that conducts experiments on animals. One day the staff working there feel threatened by the nature of Rebecca’s protest outside: she is shouting “Hell to those who engage in vivisection!” via a loudspeaker. The staff call the police.
The police arrive and tell Rebecca that she is being stopped and searched. Nothing is found on Rebecca to suggest that she possesses anything illegal but she and her friends are still arrested. They are held for several weeks without seeing a lawyer. In this time Rebecca’s captors regularly verbally abuse her and her friends. She is also made to cook the meals for all the captors and clean up after them.
Rebecca is eventually released. She is charged with violating the Suppression of Public Protest Act 2015 which became law only during the period of her detention. When Rebecca arrives home, she finds that the state has entered her flat and taken away anything they think might be useful in evidence against her.
The state has also organised Rebecca’s dismissal from work. When she tries to claim social security, as she is now unemployed, this is refused. Her son, Simon, is excluded from school because of his mother’s political associations. Simon is also denied medical treatment for his diabetes which worsened during the period of his mother’s detention.
.    i)  Advise Rebecca which human rights may been infringed. (Please note: the state Rebecca lives in is fictitious so there is no need to confine your answer to a particular regional human rights document, if at all, but you must give authority for the human rights you identify.) ?
.    ii)  Once you have identified the rights in question i) above, place them in rank of importance (starting with the most important). This can either be in accordance with accepted human rights standards or in your own opinion. But whichever approach you adopt you must give reasons for your answer. ?
Part 2 (60%) (Maximum 1250 words)
‘Freedom from slavery is a fundamental human right that is outlawed in several international and regional human rights’ documents, such as Article 8 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). But recent estimates such as those by Walk Free’s Global Slavery Index 2014 suggest that about 30 million people worldwide are held in some form of forced labour. Human rights attempts to prevent slavery have, therefore, failed.’
Explain this statement and discuss whether you agree with it or not.
Rules for the Production and Submission of Coursework
IMPORTANT: The following rules for production and submission of coursework must be followed and will form part of the assessment in respect of demonstrating an ability to follow, apply and comply with instructions. You will lose marks if you do not follow the rules listed below.
1. Producing and Presenting your Coursework: Format
(a) You must produce your work in accordance with the latest version of Lancashire Law School Coursework Guidance Booklet (there is a copy on the LLB (Hons) Blackboard page) – the Guide contains advice on spacing, fonts, justification of text, footnotes, word counts, referencing and citation and bibliographies.?(b) Your work must not be produced using ‘unfair means’ (collusion, plagiarism and other such forms of cheating) – see pp. 19-23 and the UCLAN Assessment Handbook in full on the LLB (Hons) Blackboard page.
(c) We prefer your work to be word-processed in 12 point font AND double spaced so tutors can read with ease and have sufficient room to insert comments.
.    (d)  Case names must be in italics. ?
.    (e)  All citations to cases, statutes, books and journals must be referenced fully, as must web-sites used (with the date last ?
accessed specified) using the OSCOLA style reference guide – see LLB (Hons) Blackboard page.
.    (f)  All pages must be numbered. ?
.    (g)  You must count the words used (excluding the words used to write the footnotes and bibliography) and this must be ?
declared honestly and accurately on your assignment. Failure to declare the words used will mean your work will not be marked and inaccurate declarations of words used will lead to disciplinary proceedings.
2. Submitting your Coursework
(a) All written assessments (unless otherwise directed by your module leader) must be produced and submitted electronically through a ‘Turn-it-In’ submission box. The e-submission box will be located on your Module Blackboard space. Your module tutor will inform you where the precise location is.?(b) You must not write your name anywhere on your assignment because all work is marked anonymously. Instead, please ensure your student ID number is clearly marked on your work.
(c) An LLS assignment e- front-sheet must be attached to your work to enable summary comments be made.?(d) You must submit ONE copy of your coursework only: an electronic submission via Blackboard (so we can verify submission, word counts and plagiarism and insert feedback via Grademark.
.    (e)  We do not accept e-mail, faxed, or postal submissions of coursework. ?
.    (f)  Try and submit your work well in advance of the deadline. ?
.    (g)  If you have an authorised extension of between 1 and 10 days your work will not be penalised. ?
.    (h)  If you submit your work late without an authorised extension, we will only accept it for marking up to 5 working days ?
after the deadline and the work will be capped at 40%. PLEASE NOTE: unauthorised late submission at resubmission (i.e., a re- assessment) will automatically be a awarded a mark of 0% for that element of assessment.?(i) All work submitted 5 working days after the agreed deadline (and without an authorised extension) will be awarded a 0% grade (please see your Course Handbook for details).
3. Results
(a) Individual feedback will be available within the 15 working days (excluding holiday’s periods when the University is closed and weekends) after the submission date.
(b) Your coursework will be returned by your seminar tutor (via Grade-Mark on the turn-it-in platform) by the feedback date stated on the front cover sheet.
(c) All marks remain provisional until after the final examination board has met.

Assessment Outcomes
Please refer to the Lancashire Law School written assessment criteria which you can access on your module Blackboard page, in your module and course handbooks or the LLB (Hons) Blackboard page.
When marking this assignment we are looking for evidence that you have achieved the following assessed outcomes
AO 1    Understanding
Your legal knowledge    You can retrieve, explain and apply relevant, and up-to-date, legal authority. ?
Your work demonstrates an accurate explanation and definition of legal rules
(and ?where appropriate principles and standards and their underlying values) ?
Your work demonstrates an understanding of relevant human rights law and current issues ?    45%
AO 2    Applying
Your range and depth of analysis and evaluation    You can argue from claims to conclusions using appropriate legal evidence to create
a persuasive argument. ?
You can evaluate the limitations of the both the claims you make
and the evidential base used to support them. ?    30%
AO 3    Researching
Your range of sources, citations and referencing    All sources of evidence, such as law (cases and statutes), books, journals and web- based
sources, are cited fully and accurately in accordance with the OSCOLA style guide. ?
Your work contains a complete and accurate bibliography is produced
at the end of the assignment, in line with the style outlined in both the LLS Coursework
and OSCOLA guides. ?
Your work complies with the academic regulations on ‘unfair means to enhance performance’
: see t%20Handbook%20201314.p df ?

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