a visual representation of your own vocational trajectory or life-career rainbow choose only one, not both . (For an example of a life-career…

a visual representation of your own vocational trajectory or life-career rainbow—choose only one, not both. (For an example of a life-career rainbow, see the textbook’s Figure 9.1: The Life-Career Rainbow: Six Life Roles in Schematic Life Space [p. 233].) Personalize your trajectory or rainbow by indicating significant events that have marked your career path.

Part II: Critique/Reflection

After finishing the activity, complete the assignment as follows. Cite relevant literature using and provide a list of references.

  1. Describe the benefits and insights gained from this activity from the perspective of a client, or provide a plausible explanation as to why this activity failed to generate insights or benefits.
  2. Assume that you are a professional practitioner. Identify relevant advantages and disadvantages of the activity, and explain how it might be applied to address the needs of particular clients and/or issues.
  3. From a practitioner’s perspective, use theoretical constructs to interpret the client’s (that is, your) circumstances or experiences. Demonstrate your understanding by applying the constructs of either the vocational trajectory model or the life-career rainbow to explain your findings.

If you have any questions about this assignment, don’t hesitate to talk with your tutor.

Submit both Parts I and II of your reflection to your tutor via this assignment drop box for feedback and marking.

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