A tradition of change: demographics and politics in texas.

A tradition of change: demographics and politics in texas.

1.) We are still a couple of years away from the next census, but what is our most recent data telling us about the demographic changes in Texas? How have our demographics changed over the last 5-10 years? Is there a shift in age demographics as well?

2.) What are some of the reasons for the shifting populations into Texas? From the first discussion, what kind of industries are motivating the moves?

3.) What are some of the issues that would motivate minorities and the youth voting population (18+) to participate in voting? What keeps them away from the polls?

4.) Being as diverse as we are in the state, what is the value in these elected officials looking more like the people they represent? Do you think young people and minorities would be more likely to participate in politics if they are being represented by someone who looks more like them, or is this a non-issue?

5.) Based on the articles you’ve read, how might the minority/youth vote impact Texas politics? Does a “Hispanic Texas” automatically mean a blue one?

6.) Based on what you’ve read/researched, how might the shift in Texas impact the United States on the whole? Explain.

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