8 . 2 – Deliverable: Blog 3333 unread replies . 3535 replies . Thinking about Chapter 16 of the…

8.2 – Deliverable: Blog

3333 unread replies.3535 replies.

Thinking about Chapter 16 of the Project Management Communication Tools, answer both of the following questions:

1. Consider the work that you do on a daily basis. What are a couple of tools and techniques you could implement to make your life easier? How could these tools help with communications?

2. Consider that you will be developing a professional portfolio as a final project before you complete this program. What tools might you use to show competency and proficiency within the PMBOK® Guide knowledge area/ process group matrix?

Blog activities utilize the discussion tool, make your blog entry the same as posting to a discussion forum. Begin your blog entry by identifying the topic/question you are addressing and post a minimum of 250 words in your entry.

Review the rubric for more information about expectations for this assignment.


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