430 – Unit 1 IP

For this 2-part task, you will create the introduction for this proposal and provide a level setting of the 3 supply chain flows within the company you have chosen. Describe the flows and how they are connected and interrelated.


Part 1

Create Section 1 of your Supply Chain Process Improvement Proposal: Company Profile.

  • Introduce the company you have chosen for this project. Include a level-setting summary of the company that you have chosen to use as the subject of your Key Assignment.

Part 2

Create Section 2 of your Supply Chain Process Improvement Proposal: Supply Chain Management Flows.

  • Describe the following 3 flows within supply chain management in the organization you have selected:
    1. Information
    2. Financial
    3. Product or service
  • From your research, describe how you would improve the 3 flows for your chosen company.

Your instructor will provide feedback. Use this feedback to improve your plan to prepare your final Supply Chain Process Improvement Proposal.

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