4-5pages Esssay About Naked Body In Christianity

4-5pages Esssay About Naked Body In Christianity


You have been hired to work as a paid intern, training volunteers to provide guided tours in your museum. Currently, the museum is hosting a new exhibition about the naked body in Christianity, displaying materials from the same Christian denomination and time period (the Catholic tradition from the 11th to the 16thcenturies).

The exhibition has four sections dedicated to the following topics:

sexuality (Adam and Eve)

motherhood (Mary –and possibly also Eve)

sacrifice (Christ –and possibly also Mary and the martyrs)

judgment (the end of time, Last Judgment)

The director of the department for community outreach has asked you to share with them an essay in which you select a highlight from each section and discuss how it can be explained to visitors, so that they understand through a specific work how each of the above four themes reveals basic Christian beliefs in relation to the naked body.

You are free to choose your four art pieces and highlights among any material you know about, as long as they are all relevant to the topics at hand and belongs to the same Christian denomination and time period (Catholic tradition from the 11th to the 16th centuries).

Your introduction should have a clear thesis statement, which should be your answer to the following question:

Why do you think this exhibition is important for the audience you are addressing? To answer this question, consider the significance of Christianity and the significance of the naked body in the contemporary context in which your museum operates. You must situate your museum in a specific city in the US or another country, and you have to consider that context when discussing the exhibition highlights. Mention the country and city in your introduction.

What message is articulated in the exhibition as a whole through its four sections?

Divide the main body of your text into four parts,each one discussing the relevant exhibition section you have to cover (sexuality, motherhood, sacrifice, judgment) and the appropriate highlight piece for each.

Section content:

• Start each section by explaining why the relevant topic is important in Christian tradition and how it relates to its socio-cultural context. Then explain how your highlight piece illuminates Christian attitudes on the topic.

•Present a detailed visual analysis of each highlight piece in relation to the topic you are discussing.

•Consider the original context of each piece (e.g. original location and function -an altarpiece, or an image of private devotion, etc.) Consider how that original context and function relate to the message of the piece.

•Your focus should remain on your four highlight pieces, even if you choose to mention comparative material (other images) to strengthen your discussion.

Introduce each section with a subtitle that includes the name of the section, and identifies the highlight piece you will discuss (e.g. Motherhood: Nursing Madonna, known as “Madonna Litta”, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, ca. 1490, tempera on wood, 17 x13 in., Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia.)

*Include images of your four highlights, captioned appropriately, at the end of your paper (they do not count towards the page limit).

*Cite your sources

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