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Good afternoon Angel Smoke,


Quick question…you wrote, ” Technical Intelligent program makes use of tools like the SIGINT, ELINT, FISINT and COMINT to collect and provide intelligence information that may lead to the identification of sources of threats and perpetrates of terrorism acts. The program relies on the electronic methods and devices that can sent and receive signals indicating the happenings and the sources of the incidents. The devices are also able to identify the various weapons that are in the hands of the crime and terrorist and their intended use. The information collected is usually of high accuracy and visual evidences may also be provided which strengthen the evidence (Banks, 2017).”   Do you believe there is or is not a strong reason to includeCYBINT/DNINT? I noticed you did not mention them….thoughts?



sheheir smith,

Human intelligence (HUMINT) is the gathering of information from human sources. According to the CIA website, human intelligence is collected by the following ways:

  • Clandestine acquisition of photography, documents, and other material
  • Overt collection by people overseas
  • Debriefing of foreign nationals and U.S. citizens who travel abroad
  • Official contacts with foreign governments (Central Intelligence Agency, n.d.)

Using HUMINT properly allows the U.S to gain information that would be difficult to gain otherwise. For example, if a foreign government were building a new form of technology, having someone already planted in the company will give the U.S an insight into the production that it would not be able to gain from technical forms of collection (they might not have even heard about it if it were not from human sources). Human intelligence, although dangerous, allows individuals to give a firsthand account to access a situation, whether it be for tactical or strategic planning purposes.

The limitations of human intelligence are that it deals with people, who are emotional and biased. Many individuals may misread a situation because of their personal thoughts on a subject, or may lie in order to gain an advantage but remain faithful to their own agency. In most cases, HUMINT places a person’s life in danger, so knowing when to implement and end collections is also important to consider, especially if you begin to suspect that the human source may be losing value (sympathy for the opposing organization, family life, ect)

Technical intelligence covers most other forms of intelligence, such as SIGINT, GEOINT, and IMINT. These sources can survey a location, intercept an adversary’s plans, and even strike locations that are too dangerous to send human lives. Since these sources are still executed by individuals, some of the same limitations that occur with human intelligence also apply to technical intelligence limitations. Misreading information, personal biases, or lack of experience can all inhibit the collection process if not mitigated.  Additionally, since technical intelligence relies on technology, a major limitation is how long, well, and how often system checks are conducted. If the technology is not functioning properly, or at all, other forms of collection will have to be supplemented, which may not give the collector a limited picture.

Central Intelligence Agency. (n.d.). INTelligence: Human Intelligence. Retrieved from Central Intelligence Agency: https://www.cia.gov/news-information/featured-story-archive/2010-featured-story-archive/intelligence-human-intelligence.html

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