2-3 Pages task About An Africa Art History Film

2-3 Pages task About An Africa Art History Film

Film: The Future of Mud (2007).Susan Vogel

Link to video: https://youtu.be/2vkxju6aoZw

Link to reading:



For your paper, answer the question: How do you think the ‘future’ is illustrated in the film, if at all?

To the question successfully, your paper must include a thesis statement (argument) and must utilize specific evidence from the film that supports your thesis.

Moreover, in your discussion, you might consider how the following are presented in the film:

Generational and gender tensions

Perspectives on masonry and the materials used in construction

The presentation of exterior and interior spaces

Perspectives about the city of Djenné

Perspectives on the role of Islam

The influence of tourism and issues of heritage

The filmic techniques and strategies used to shape the narrative of the film

Papers should:

Be 2-3 pages in length

Be typed using Arial or Times New Roman

Use 12 point font

Have 1-inch margins

Be double spaced

Have pagination

Use Chicago Manual Style footnotes if you cite the readings (no bibliography required)

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