2.3 – Discussion: Ethics in Practice 13 13 unread replies. 12 12 replies. Directions: For the… 1 answer below »

2.3 – Discussion: Ethics in Practice13 13 unread replies. 12 12 replies.

Directions: For the situation below, determine the facts and assumptions, the major overriding issues or problems, sub-issues and related issues that may need consideration, the stakeholders, do a CSR analysis, an evaluation and a recommendation. Then answer the questions to this situation based on this analysis. Interact with other students by responding to their postings.
Refer to Monitoring the Monitors, p. 110.

The questions in the directions for this discussion come from Case Analysis Guidelines on p. 598 in your text. Be sure to address these thoroughly for full credit. Consult the rubric to see exactly how you will be assessed. Reference the text when you can, and make sure to indicate where in the text you found this info. A parenthetical reference like this will be fine (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2012, p. xx).

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