· International chamber of commerce for transport

· International chamber of commerce for transport



· You are a legal counsel helping to draft the international sales agreement (convert the class slides into creative legal advice)

· Sales convention advise on which clauses should include and how (for example: transfer of risk, as we are buyers is better the latest possible in the sale of the goods stage)

· Incorporate the convention clauses

· Transport take a case of buying agreement, incorporate the convention and icoterms, DRAW a bill of lading and explain how it works

· TRANSPORT pick up fictitiously two locations (part of the international sales convention), a seller and a buyer, look at the documents, how they transport (sea? air? rail?), look at the bill of lading, simulate 8ex. When do you hand over the bill of lading, when do you hand over the invoice), consignment , look at the slides and develop them (when does H&M as a buyer gas responsibility, what is the key thing, at which point it owns the goods, when do they have liability), advise on the transport roots


· Look at dispute resolution

· International chamber of commerce for transport


· Conventions mentioned on the slides, conciliation, arbitration

· Advising on sales: I want them to be subject to… and if there are any disputes… how you want to handle them

· UNSITRAL way to look at disputes by experts – cases in the textbook, which court/tribunal looked at them

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